Lifemoves Orthopedic Therapy

What is orthopedic therapy? When does one require this treatment? When patients experience injuries, accidents, or a failed joint correction, they often require specialized orthopedic rehabilitation and therapeutic services. 

Activities of daily living can be hard to accomplish as extensive surgeries can lead to a lot of residual pain and complications. To ensure a smooth return of mobility and movement, specialized inpatient orthopedic therapy and rehabilitation are recommended to achieve a swift return to an independent and pain-free lifestyle. At Family of Caring at Montclair, the incredible team in our LifeMoves Orthopedic Therapy department works with your physician to create a personalized rehabilitation and therapy plan.  

Reach out to our team to learn more about the LifeMoves Orthopedic Therapy program and discover how our team can help you achieve a life of mobility free from pain.

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