Life Rehab and Therapy

We have high expectations for your recovery. We offer numerous rehabilitative programs and treatment plans and skilled nursing care specifically tailored to your individual needs. We offer rehabilitation therapy which utilizes physical and occupational therapy – along with speech therapy if needed – as part of the care plan to get you back to your optimal level of recovery. Whether we’re rebuilding your strength or working on overcoming disabilities, injury, or surgery, we can assist you in getting back to your life. With encouraging and caring staff, we will create a treatment plan that can restore, maintain, and promote function, strength, balance, endurance, and mobility.

Patients work in conjunction with the therapists who are with you every step of the way to ensure the best possible therapy plan is followed. Specialized in-servicing with our staff ensures that all our therapists are prepared for your specific needs. Our highly reputable physiatrist is also part of the team of professionals ensuring that all your rehabilitative goals are achieved. Our subacute medical directors continually train and educate our staff on newly adopted techniques and update our staff on innovations and news within the medical industry.

We provide seven-day-a-week therapy to accommodate all kinds of patients. Our award-winning rehabilitation staff has achieved remarkable results and can provide the best possible individual therapy in a supportive setting you can imagine.

  • State-of-the-art therapy gym under the guidance of our physiatrist
  • One-on-one physical, occupational, and speech therapies, seven days per week 
  • Three full-body therapeutic whirlpools
  • Pain management utilizing TENS/E stim/ultrasound machine 
  • Joint replacement programs
  • Customized neurological therapy programs, including forced-use therapy 
  • Amputee rehabilitation/prosthetic/orthotic fitting and training
  • Vital stimulation swallowing rehabilitation

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