Portraits of Care

When we consider the options for subacute care, many of us look to our friends and family who might have recently been in contact with a facility that they were happy to recommend. Over 90% of our patients would return to our facilities, and many boast about their experiences and wish to tell others. What better way to hear about a facility than to receive an incredible recommendation from a community member?

We share our experiences so that others have a comfortable feeling before coming to our facilities. Anyone wanting a personal recommendation is encouraged to call our facilities and speak with our admissions directors. They will give you a one-on-one referral to speak with one of our patients who recently left about their experience so you can have peace of mind and be assured you made the best possible decision when coming to our facilities.

JoAnn Monteleone
My birthday was spent here in the subacute rehab. They throw a monthly birthday for all of us residents. Even though my family couldn’t be here I felt like I was apart of a family here. Mother’s Day was amazing and they had a wonderful brunch I met other amazing people that live here and it was beautiful.
Christina Ferguson
I am new to the Subacute staff but since my employment my experiences have been a blessing. The administration here is very supportive and caring to every resident and employee needs and my co-workers share a common passion and goal to care for the residents. All the residents that I spend my day with are very happy and enjoy daily living here with us and I enjoy seeing them smile as soon as I walk in. I have worked at other facilities previously but by far Advanced Subacute is the most fulfilling.
Frances Ianacone
Visited family member in sub acute and was impressed with the quality of nursing care and therapy provided.
Emmanuel Kua
Caring for medically-compromised patients is never easy but the staff at this facility do everything possible to ensure that the needs of patients that stay for a short time only are met, along with meeting the needs of the people that live there for the long term. Great team effort all around.
Maddie Bescript
Working at Advanced Subacute has been a wonderful experience. Meeting such lovely residents and family members has been one of the many joys in working here. I love being able to work in such a positive work environment, surrounded with hard working team members who are passionate about the care of our residents!
Tari Alexander
I am fairly new to the team here at Advanced and I am lucky to be surrounded by so many supportive team members; where the main priority is the care & comfort of all the residents.

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